Monday, June 23, 2014

Defending is slightly harder in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil due to fast paced gameplay. One silly mistake and rest of your defense can fall apart like nothing. So, first thing you should avoid is hasty tackles especially in the midfield.

If you don’t win the balls with those sliding tackles, you will leave extra vulnerable spots for your defense to cover. So always try to keep a tight line and avoid immature tackles.

A lot of players struggle against the counter attacks, and it’s quite natural. Usually, when you take a corner, it fails to reach your player and after the ball is cleared, it lands straight into the feet of opponent’s striker initiating a counter attack.

In this situation, you should first try to cover as much ground as you can and avoid any tackles if possible. A single missed tackle can make you feel regretful.

On the contrary, if your defense does not have players with high strength and tackling or even sprint speed, your best move to stop the counter would be tackling and taking the ball as soon as possible as you won’t be able to stop a fast opponent’s striker once it gets into the rhythm.

If you are switching players very fast and forcing them to take the ball, there are chances that your formation will lose its form creating needless spaces for the opponent’s strikers. If the ball is in the mid, you shouldn’t be bothering your defenders just yet and try winning the ball through midfielders and vice versa.

Keep in mind that it’s not always necessary to have a strong defense only with more players at the back. It’s how you choose them to act.

Try avoiding those habits as they will cost you extra goals.

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