Friday, December 04, 2015

Football simulation game "FIFA 16" is now a new and improved update has been released. According to International Business Times, publisher EA has released the latest entry in the series patch update 1.03. It has solved some problems and adds new content for fans to enjoy the game.

Fanboy attack reports, EA announced that all of the details of the update patches. It can be found on their official website and the list of new things to think class was updated star principals, including the players had just been promoted to the Premier League this season. In addition, Barcelona, ??Rome and Inter Milan have joined the new third set also.

For "FIFA 16" new patch update also brings a lot of stability improvements, and processing, which are some of the issues by the community and the FIFA site service team determined. Through it, the online matchmaking has been improved, the team's celebration has been fixed, the correct country's flag appeared in the FIFA Club Pros and repair for the screen size on the PS4 has been completed. In addition, repair faults and vulnerabilities FIFA ONLINE Seasons record progress has been made. Reset Pro Club achievements have been resolved.

FIFA Ultimate Team mode has also been improved with the time allocated to the buy now option is now available on the transfer market down a project to update the default values ??set in the maximum start. Compare product prices, which is the project for consumption, it has also been adjusted.

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They fixed all role players including the goalkeeper default selection and other issues, the ball's image does not match the selected ball is displayed using the opponent's suite in the shared history of the concept of team and game playability friend squad.

"FIFA 16" The third update is now available for PC, one of 4 and Xbox game consoles individuals.


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