Tuesday, July 08, 2014

FIFA referee controversy referee announced a final four games back to back candidate from Japan

World Cup nearing the finish of the game, you'll find four World Cup games can certainly. In accordance with FIFA's official website will be the news that the FIFA referees committee in control of making Boykin recently selected referee World Cup final shortlist of four years old games, take part in law enforcement 25 15 referee group in which the group was left like a residual FIFA Competition the police candidate.

It really is reported that this FIFA Referees Committee will carefully review each referee team, the products the final four games of police officers elect qualified referees is going to be guaranteed. Mexican referee Marco - Rodriguez will be the Brazilian semi-final against Germany, law enforcement, plus the remaining three games is going to be selected 14 referees with this group, it's worth mentioning how the World Cup opener brought controversy points ball Japanese referee Yuichi Nishimura inside column. Due to reasons of confidentiality along with other aspects involved, so police officers have not released one more list.

FIFA referee accountable for Massimo - Busacca love to thank every one of the referees in the World Cup: "World Cup race ending, I thank every one of the representatives of FIFA referees who contribute nowadays Cup. all the games around the globe Cup has attracted the attention of millions of people, each and every time you're fatal penalty with the team, and that i respect the referees are content with the performance and. "

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