Friday, March 13, 2015

How Does It Work?

We choose some specific player card to supply coins. And that means you have to have some coins inside your account to buy that player, otherwise you have that player already. We have checked those players in the transfer market, and everyone of they are selling at the lowest price range. We will buy the player card at the highest price range. So you will get the coins quickly. And we cover the delivery tax.

How much coins you buy, how much coins you get!

There is an example if you need to buy 440k coins.

 Step1: Check our products list to fulfill the requirement.

You want to buy 440k xbox coins. You have 290k or you have the Yaya Toure card. If you don't have, please buy it in the transfer market, you can find it in the market at the lowest price range easy.


Step2 : List the player with highest price.

Set Duration to 3 Days.

Set Buy Now Price to maximum 440K.

Step3: Make an order with us.

After you make an order, we will buy your player card in 1-6 hours.

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