Tuesday, May 19, 2015

1.Please provide your correct account information.
2.Do not login game during Comfort Trade Service.
3.If you have credit card information on your PSN account. Please delete it.

How to delete your credit card information?

    1.Go to ""
    2.Sign in your PSN accont information.
    3.Choose "My Account"→"Manage My Account"→"Sign in Again"→"Account"→"Billing

Forgot your Secret Question?

    1.Clear your browser's cache(This is very Important)
    2.Click"ULTIMATE TEAM" and "WEB APP"
    3.When you are asked for your Secret Question, click on "Forgot answer?" and "Lock

    4.Next, you'll need to login to your trusted console and load FIFA 15
   5.Once you enter the Ultimate Team game mode, you will be prompted to create a new

Secret Question.
    6.Once it's created, your account will be unlocked. Don't forget it again.


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